Matt Ramos

App Academy Progress Report - August 7th

Almost done with the Ruby section, I learned a ton. Built a chess game and tic tac toe AI. 96 day GitHub streak!

Here’s the scary update:

(The goal was to keep this red line flat for the rest of the year)

I have learned 2 important things over the past two months:

  1. The hour estimates I am using are based on full time bootcamp students pair programming with full time TA help
  2. Bootcamp students rarely fully complete the big projects. Understanding > Completion

I’m happy with my progress. Since the last post (2 months ago) I’ve learned:

I’m on the final section of the Ruby curriculum, which is a much deeper dive into data structures.

I’ve built some cool projects:

Here’s a peek at my chess game:

This was a ton of fun to make and taught me all about OOP. I want to come back to this and make it multiplayer over SSH one day.

My GitHub streak to complete the progress report:

I’m clearly “falling behind” the schedule I’ve created. Like I said above, I think my estimates were off and that I’m spending too much time on big projects. I don’t think I need to throw more time at the problem. I study before work 7:30-9am 4x per week and do another 3-4 hours after work every day. I try to get about 8-10 hours in over the weekend.

My big takeaway is that I need to continue the consistency but move through sections at a faster pace once I understand a topic. (Should I really spend 2 hours trying to understand how betting in Poker works when I’m just trying to learn RSpec? Probably not!)

I’m finally closing out the Ruby section. After this, I’ll do some SQL work, then start moving into Active Record and Rails which I’m excited about.