Matt Ramos

App Academy Progress Report - January 12th

I’m in the App Academy home stretch, currently working my way through the final section (React). I’ve learned an insane amount since the last update back in August but my pace has definitely slowed down.

Since the last update in August I’ve:

I’m currently working through the React/Redux section which is a ton of fun, but definitely introduces new challenges and things to learn. I’m approx. halfway through this section, then will be ‘Done’ with the curriculum.

The final push has been grueling but I’m almost done. I’m expecting to spend an absurd amount of time studying over the next week and a half while I try to wrap up.

I have a bunch of things I’d like to get to after finishing up with App Academy. Since I’ve started App Academy, they’ve introduced a new supplemental data structures/algorithms section which I plan on tackling eventually, course contents below:

The curriculum already touches on most of the topics above, but this goes way deeper. I’m also planning on completing the University of Helsinki Full Stack Open course which touches on some new things I haven’t learned yet.

My GitHub streak is still going strong at 253 days. I don’t plan on breaking this until I’ve got a software development job, then maybe I’ll take a Saturday or Sunday off.